What To Do With An Unused Room At Home?

By: Jency
19th Apr 2022
Home Improvement

Having an extra, unused room in your home can be impeding to the whole set-up of your abode. Sometimes, no matter how long you stand in that room thinking about what to do with it, the ideas just don’t appear and you end up getting frustrated that a precious space in your home is not being optimised.

Fret not, as we’ve come up with a list of suggestions that you can use to put that redundant space into full use.

  1. A Home Office/ Study Room

    If you work from home, or have children, you can really benefit from converting your extra room into a home office or study room. After all, it is a good idea to have a separate and quiet place to focus on your work or studies without having to integrate it with a common space in the house. However, keep in mind that a home office or study space should be well-lit, so plan the lighting of that room well before starting the makeover project.

    Try organising all supplies such as stationeries, files and papers into shelves or storage drawers to minimise clutter. You can also colour-code all organising tools for easier identification and access.

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  2. An Entertainment Room

    Another great idea for a spare room is to create an entertainment room. Don’t worry, you can still have a separate room for entertainment even if you already have a living room in your home. You can utilise your existing living room for family activities such as playing games, chatting or reading together, while the entertainment room fills its purpose of screen time. Add extra sound systems, comfortable sofas or beanie cushions and even a snack corner to kick the room up a notch.

    Image credit: guyub.co

  3. A Home Gym

    Are you into fitness and workout? Then a home gym would be a perfect idea for an unused room. If you don’t have a lot of space, be careful about the type and size of the equipment that you want to incorporate into the gym, whether it’s an exercise bicycle, treadmill, weights or a punching bag.

    Add a full-length mirror to the wall and exercise mats on the floor for a complete gym look.

    Image credit: tophousedesigns.com

  4. A Hobby Room

    Whether you’re into sewing, woodworks, crafting or soap-making, using a spare room as a dedicated space for your hobby can be a haven that you can retreat to during your free time. Here’s an example of a crafting room with neatly-organised craft supplies.

    Image credit: guyub.co

  5. A Playroom For Kids

    A playroom that is dedicated specially for kids’ activities is a fantastic idea to make use of an unused space at home. Instead of having toys scattered all over the house, a playroom can keep the mess contained, while offering a large area for the kids to play and be active in.

    Add plenty of colours to the room to make it vibrant. Try accent pieces such a large play rug, cute images on the wall and soft toys as decoration. Be sure to stock the room with plenty of organising tools such as baskets and shelves.

    Image credit: architectureartdesigns.com

  6. A Guest Room

    Most of the time, we set up rooms in our home just enough for the family members that are living there. And when guests arrive to stay over, someone in the family has to do the sacrifice of sleeping on the couch. To avoid this situation, especially if you often have guests staying over, use the spare room as a guest suite. A simple bed with a dressing table will do for a basic guest room set up.

    Image credit: guyub.co

In Conclusion

A spare room doesn’t have to be a wasted space, or be converted into an extra store room to fill with boxes and things. Discover a myriad of ideas to repurpose the space with the help of some interior design inspiration by Guyub here.

The options are endless, so get creative and start planning!

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