Ways To Advertise Your Property Better

By: Jency
27th Apr 2022
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The property market as we know it is a very competitive one. When putting up a property for sale, one has to really ensure that their listing stands out from the rest in various terms such as pricing, attractive photos, location, features of the home and such. Without the right marketing strategy, it would be rather difficult for a listing to get the attention of potential buyers.

Here in this guides, we will discuss effective property marketing strategies for both private sellers as well as for property agents, so let’s get right on to it!

For Private Property Sellers/Direct Owners

  1. The Good Ol’ Newspaper

    Newspaper listings have been around for a very long time, and many buyers still go through these listings to look for properties to purchase. Most newspapers will have a section where property for sale or rent are listed. Call up your preferred newspaper company and find out the rates for listing and how to submit yours. You’ll never know, it might actually turn out to be the medium that gets your property sold!

  2. Social Media

    Needless to say, social media platforms have turned out to be the ‘go-to place’ for most marketing campaigns, so why leave out yours? Get on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even TikTok to advertise your property to get a wide reach. Be creative in how you present your listing, be it in the way you stage your property, the photos and videos used and not forgetting a crisp and creative write-up.

  3. Property Listing Websites

    If you just type ‘Property listing websites in Malaysia’ in your Google tab, countless websites and site recommendations will pop-up on your screen. Do a thorough research on each one and choose the right listing website according to your budget and expectations. Buyers who are on the lookout mostly go to these websites for their search, so don’t leave out this good option.

  4.  Networking

    Spread the word among your friends and family that you are letting go of your home and you will be surprised to see that this actually brings attention to your property. Although you may not get immediate responses through this method, it pays to let those around you know about your intentions as you never know when someone may actually be interested in purchasing your property or might know of another person who does.

  5. “For Sale” Banner Outside Your Home

    This conventional marketing strategy is also quite effective in raking in enquiries about your property. The people in your neighbourhood might know others who could be interested in purchasing a home in that area, and your banner will help in getting their attention.

For Property Agents

  1. Create Your Own Website And Landing Page

    As a property agent, you may receive many different types of property listings. Apart from that, buyers also come with varied preferences and expectations. By creating your own website, you would be able to categorise your listings according to price, location, property type, title type and such. A landing page will also help in directly addressing enquiries about a property and you will be able to better manage your listings and Q&As with it.

  2. Broadcast Messages To Your Leads

    Once you have obtained your targeted leads, you can use services such as WhatsApp to broadcast your property listings to them. Make sure to use attractive photos of your property and keep the write-up short and impactful.

  3. Have A Property Open House

    When you set a particular time and date for many viewers to come see the property, you are not only letting the potential buyers experience the physical house, you will inadvertently create a sense of ‘demand’ upon the property when the viewers see that many people are interested in it, hence the reason why many came to see it personally. This may actually work to your benefit, especially in helping your client get the most profitable offer.

  4. Do An Instagram or Facebook Live

    With the current Covid19 situation, many prospective buyers might be hesitant to view the property personally, especially if the current tenants are still living there. This would be a good chance for you to follow-up with such buyers that contacted you from your listing with a virtual home tour through Facebook or Instagram Live. You will also be able to answer enquiries instantly during the session.

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The statement and information in the articles are the opinion of the writer and meant only as a guide. Any property purchase, rental or lease involve many legal issues and other complication depending on the individual facts and circumstances. Readers and Users are strongly advised to seek professional advise including from qualified and competent lawyers, bankers and/or real estate agent to verify the information and the statement before embarking on any purchase, rent or lease of any property. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude and disclaim liability for any losses and damages of whatever nature and howsoever cause and arising including without limitation, any direct, indirect, general, special, punitive, incidental or consequential.

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