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Want to Sell Off Your Home Fast? Must Try These Tips!

By: Guyub
15th Feb 2022
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Selling your property is a stressful and time-consuming process, and honestly, the last thing you want to do is stretch the process out longer than it should be.

Plus, the longer it takes to sell, the longer you will have to maintain the property and pay off the loan- which is definitely NOT ideal if you are deep in debt or paying the loan for another property.

Here are some ways to attract more interested buyers and get your property sold off fast for the highest possible profit!

1. Set A Realistic Price

Overpricing your property is a sure-fire way to keep your property longer on the market. To pique the buyers’ interest, you should price it competitively – not too high OR too low, but just right.

Too often seller overprice their property, hoping to leave room for buyers to negotiate it lower when they request for discounts.

That is why doing your research on the current property market and value is so important. Survey the latest prices of similar properties in the neighbourhood, and get a valuation done on your property by a bank (this service is free, by the way). You should also find out about the best timing to sell, if possible.

2. First Impressions Are EVERYTHING

Keep your garden yard and interiors tidy and clean, and get rid of as much clutter as possible (especially if these things are cramping up the space!). You want to make the space look appealing and inviting to buyers, especially in areas where they will see first – the front yard, exterior and foyer.

In fact, it is worth putting a little extra effort to freshen up and beautify the space. Things you can do include:

    • Brightening up the space with well-placed lamps and wall mirrors
    • Giving the exterior or interior a fresh coat of paint (preferably a neutral colour)
    • Rearranging the furniture
    • Trimming overgrown plants and hedges
    • Clearing out the gutter
    • Swapping out old light fixtures
    • Getting rid of spiderwebs

Again, the goal is not to do a major makeover – you just want to make the property presentable for viewings. Also, do not forget to clean the toilet – this is often overlooked by property sellers.

3. Get The Needed Repairs Done

Complete the minor repairs, especially those that are obvious and come off as an eyesore in the property. Some things to keep an eye out for are:

    • Broken door knobs & window panes
    • Leaky taps
    • Cracked or loose tiles
    • Holes and stains on walls
    • Broken lighting and electrical switches
    • Rotting wood or peeling paint
    • Water stains in the ceiling

All these repairs may seem like a lot of work for a property you are selling off soon, but doing these little things honestly makes a huge difference – it can potentially increase the value of your property. So, why not?

4. Depersonalise

To help potential buyers visualise themselves in the property better, you should remove the personal things, like photos, religious items, figurines and other keepsakes and replace them with neutral items if needed. The key is to draw their attention to the property, and not to you.

Even better, if you can afford to – hire a home staging company. They will help you showcase your space in the best light by utilising the available space and rearranging furniture. In fact, there are virtual staging

5. Create A Welcoming Environment For Viewings

During viewings, be friendly, welcoming and helpful. Provide useful information and answer questions honestly, especially when it comes to the accessibility and amenities in the neighbourhood. It also helps if you are accommodating and flexible about when potential buyers can drop by your property for a tour.

Also, keep the air conditioning on, open the curtains and leave the lights on during viewings – you want to help potential buyers feel comfortable.

However, if you have a real estate agent on board – leave the questions regarding the sales price and negotiation to them.

6. Post Nice Photos and A Killler Listing Description

Again, this is one of the first few things that will help catch a potential buyer’s attention. Invest a little more time (and money, if you are able) to capture high-quality pictures and videos that showcase your property in the best light and highlight its best features.

You will also want to do the same with your property listing description. Things you could include are:

    • The property’s best features and unique selling points
    • Highlight the location (if desirable), amenities and ease of accessibility, which includes conveniences, malls, highways and MRT stations within close proximity
    • Reframe less desirable features in a positive light
    • A call to action that drives urgency

7. The Quickest Way? Hire a Good Real Estate Agent

Ultimately, nothing beats having a professional who knows their stuff to help you sell the property – it will definitely speed the process up WAY MORE than having to figure out everything yourself. Plus, they can help you pick the right offer AND land the best deal for you!

However, be careful to hire a GOOD real estate agent; a bad one will kill your sale, and often unscrupulous ones will cause you to lose more money instead! Make sure to research potential real estate agent’s qualifications, and find someone who not only has a good sales track record but also is fairly knowledgeable and has a lot of experience selling similar properties in your neighbourhood. For more tips on how to choose a good real estate agent, click here.

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