Signs That You’re Ready To Upgrade To A New Home

By: Jency
5th Apr 2022
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We usually have a tendency to become overly comfortable in our homes. We overlook the shortfalls within or around our property because we’ve become too attached to the place we call home. Yet, over time, we slowly begin to realise that our current home may not be that suitable anymore. So, how do you know when the time has come?

If you feel that any of these 5 signs are relatable to you, then it could be high time to make your next move.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

    One of the most common reasons people upgrade their home is due to lifestyle changes. If you’ve had children or are planning on caring for an ageing parent and could use an extra bedroom or two, then an upgrade is really necessary.

    Maybe you’ve begun working from home, and in order to turn one of your bedrooms into a dedicated office, you could use some extra space. Other scenarios include finding it uncomfortable to live too close to each other or even squabbling for the one or two bathrooms that you have! Whatever the case, if your lifestyle has changed, there’s a good chance your property needs have changed as well.

  2. You Are Able To Afford It

    When you’ve gotten a promotion or a different job that saw an increase in your income, you’ve started to think that you can afford a higher loan payment. This is not necessarily a reason to buy a bigger house, but you might find a house in a better neighbourhood, with more amenities or just more luxurious features and finishes. For example, if your annual income was RM60,000 when you purchased your home and it’s now RM120,000, then going for a bigger home is definitely okay! A good rule of thumb is to have 10% of the total cost ready for a down payment.

  3. You Want The Latest Features And Finishes

    Whether as a first-time homeowner or just tired of renovating their current home, another reason people upgrade is for the features and finishes. Let’s face it, we’re sometimes drawn to the images we see on media of homes with beautiful details. Or it may even be those elegant houses in the new development that you pass by during your daily commute. If you ever find yourself thinking, “I wish my house looked like that,” you’re not alone. You’re human, and we mostly feel that way from time to time. When upgrading, you will be able to narrow down your new home search according to the features and finishes that you want.

  4. You Are Thinking Of More (Or Less) Space In The Home

    Depending on which stage of life you’re in, it’s easy to identify that you may be wanting to have a bigger or a smaller home as an upgrade. If you’re thinking of a bigger home now that your family has grown and your children are older, it may be a wise decision to upgrade to a bigger place because everyone in the family may be needing more room for all of their items. So you need a place to store it because simply pushing it into the corner is no longer a viable option.

    As for wanting a smaller home, although you may have had wonderful memories attached with your family home, but as your children have grown up and moved out over the years, you end up with a large empty nest. An empty house comes with unneeded rooms, expensive utility bills and higher maintenance.

    That is a lot of upkeep for senior property owners who are more than willing to move to a home that’s strategically constructed to better accommodate the elderly.

  5. Your Current Home Needs Too Many Upgrades

    Old homes come with plenty of recurring maintenance issues such as leaky roofs, problematic electrical or piping system and a host of many other complications that require fix-ups. You may have planned on completely renovating your old home but had to stop at the thought of how the cost is simply not worth it.

    Newer homes, especially those in new developments can effectively remove these concerns. These homes are surely equipped with systems that are usually backed up by developer warranties.

Whether you are a hundred percent sure of upgrading your home or are just toying around with the idea, be sure to plan it well according to your financial capabilities and what you REALLY want from your future property. Fret not! At Guyub, we’re ever ready to help you with personalised assistance to ensure that you find your dream home in no time.

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