Our Story

About GuyubGUYUB (/gʊ:yʊb/), beyond a noun and an adjective, is a ubiquitous notion among the Javanese that places heavy importance on the pursuit of harmonised synergy within the community through coexistence of people and their surroundings, which we believe is the heartbeat that keeps a community alive.

Illuminated by this concept, we offer you more than just an extensive selection of properties for your choosing; instead, we curated our real estate portal much like an expedition, allowing you to search for the property that resonates best with your values and way of living by providing you with a sneak peek into the many neighbourhoods coming soon (which includes accessibility, amenities, infrastructure and even investment yield!). But that’s not all — delve deeper and you will discover our collection of interior designs to optimise or inspire your lifestyle needs, desires as well as affordability. If this is your first property expedition, we have easy-to-follow and other helpful articles to guide you on the journey to your dream property.

Because here at GUYUB, we believe choosing your dream property is finding a sense of belonging in a new place, and not just merely just mindlessly browsing through one listing after another. We aim to provide transparency while taking you on this property expedition, to help you comprehend the full picture of owning a property as well as to help you understand the person that really matters — you. We hope to help you find the right property that both aligns with and improves your living standards because your happiness and satisfaction add value to the overall community. After all, all of us are part of the bigger equation, no?

Lastly (and most importantly), we hope you enjoy your expedition here on GUYUB, whether it is deciding on your ideal property or perhaps a self-discovery on your belonging.