7 Tips To Become A Good Property Agent

By: Jency
22nd Apr 2022
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Are you thinking about becoming a property agent? While there is no proven method that guarantees success in the ever-competitive property industry, you can definitely become a top agent with the right mind-set and aptitude. That said, we have listed 7 tips that might help you in building your career as a property agent.

  1. Get Qualified

    Ask any licensed Real Estate Agent (REA) or a Real Estate Negotiator (REN) about how much studying they had to do to obtain their license, and they might even shed a tear or two about it. Getting your REA/REN license takes a lot of hard work to fully equip yourself with the right knowledge about the industry. It is because property agents play an important role in providing their clients with advice on crucial matters such as property-related laws and regulations, investment strategies, charges, taxes and payments and making the right decisions in property transactions. That is why one has to be really qualified before taking up the job as it involves the finances of clients. So before you start with anything else, study up and get qualified!

  2. Be An Agent Who Builds Connections

    While it’s easy to be a ‘transactional agent’ who merely focuses on closing each deal as it comes by, a successful agent on the other hand builds relationships along the way.

    You may have a list of home inspectors, lawyers, bankers and home renovation contractors whom you recommend to your clients as you close deals. Always keep in touch with these connections and ask their favour in return to provide you with some property leads.

  3. Be An Expert Of The Industry

    To become a competent property agent, market knowledge is extremely crucial. Do research on current trends, market status, buyer preferences, types of properties in demand, home loan processes, legal processes and industry news. Your clients will gain more trust in you if you are able to prove that their property transactions are in good hands.

    You should also consider joining associations or affiliations related to the industry to add weight to your credentials.

  4. Make Yourself Known

    Spread the word around that you are now a property agent and get your friends and family to do the same. But don’t rely too much on this either, as you can’t expect listings to pour in once you’ve got the word out. Spending more time networking and building connections will always help you to get good mileage in generating new leads and referrals.

  5. Consider Yourself As A Small Business

    Think of yourself as a small business entity. Create a business plan that is flexible and unique as per your own goals. It will be much easier to deal with market changes when you have a plan in hand. Try building a website and have social media profiles set up to advertise your services. Find unique ways to engage with your audience online. If you are an independent agent, consider setting up an e-mail domain with your business name. This will give a more professional and renowned look to your business.

    It certainly helps to think like a business owner to propel yourself into succeeding, instead of merely taking it as a day job.

  6. Partner Up

    Although you may find the idea of splitting your commissions with a partner a put-off at first, partnering with other property agents can essentially help increase your income and grow your business. Your partner may be someone who specialises in a certain property segment, or has experienced situations that you haven’t stumbled upon. Thus, your partner will be able to provide insightful information that you may need for future dealings.

    By working in a partnership, you can learn new skills, gather resources, expand your network and ultimately obtain a larger pool of clients in a much easier way than working alone.

  7. Find A Senior Agent And Learn From Them

    For fresh starters, working under a mentor will provide greater opportunities, wider access to clients and hands-on learning about the business. These are things that cannot be obtained from mere trainings and textbooks. New agents may find it easier to interact with clients and build connections once they learn the ropes from their seniors themselves. As a new agent, take advantage of opportunities to go for house inspections or viewings with a senior and you will soon be confident enough to do it on your own.

In Summary

Becoming a successful property agent requires plenty of hard work, skill and perseverance. A good agent will continuously work to find effective solutions to advertise their business on top of generating leads and keeping their past clients connected. Constantly upgrade your knowledge on the market and incorporate new technologies into your business. With that, you will be on your way to success in no time!

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