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7 Essential Questions to Find Out If High-Rise or Landed Home is Better For You

By: Guyub
5th Jan 2022
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When choosing a home, the ultimate question remains – landed home OR high-rise? This can be a tough decision – there are plenty of factors you will have to take into account.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide on whether a landed or high-rise home is the better choice for you!

1. Is this home for your investment or your own stay?

If your purpose is to invest, which of these 2 options below are you going with?

Buying to rent

High-rise properties are generally known to be easier to rent out, with greater potential for higher rental yield. This is especially so if it is in a good, well-connected location close to public transport, colleges or offices, and such homes are often found abundantly in prime urban areas.

Buying to sell

However, if you’re looking to buy to sell for the long term, landed property would be a better bet for you. Landed properties have higher resale value as they will almost always appreciate more compared to high-rise homes, especially when land gets more scarce and valuable in the future.

However, if your purpose is to buy a home for your own stay, it will depend on other factors – so keep reading on!

2. What is your budget like?

Price-wise, high-rise homes are cheaper compared to landed property, which makes it a good choice for first-time homebuyers with a smaller budget.

However, bear in mind that living in a high-rise will require you to fork out extra for the monthly maintenance fees as well as additional parking lots. Also, if you own a commercial-titled high-rise home, you will have to pay higher utility bills, tax rates and GST for services provided by the management.

Prices for landed homes are higher especially in city areas, but you get more space for what you are paying for, and free parking space too! However, costs for repair and upkeep is all on you – so you should take that into consideration as you decide on the best home type for you (and your family’s) needs.

3. How much space do you need – are you living alone or with a partner/family?

High-rise homes are smaller in size compared to landed homes, which makes these home types more suited for couples or smaller families.

Bigger families, however, would benefit more from living in a landed home – not only will there be more space for everyone to live comfortably together, but you will also have a garden space for you to roam and flex your green thumbs! Plus points for free parking spaces right in your home compound!

4. Noisy neighbours and the lack of privacy get on your nerves easily?

If so, a landed home may be the better choice for you. Your space at home is fully your own (and your family’s, of course) and you will not need to tolerate too much noise from annoying neighbours stomping about in their home or be forced to make small talk with that nosy Nancy from next door in the lift.

However, you can always opt for low-density high-rise homes that come with lesser units per floor, or those that provide more lifts to reduce the odds of such disturbances at home.

5. Looking for extra peace of mind when it comes to your safety and security at home?

Most modern high-rise homes come with multiple tiers of security which includes 24-hour security surveillance via CCTV and regular patrolling, as well as monitoring the access of both residents and visitors.

You may also opt for landed properties situated in a gated and guarded community for higher levels of security and safety at home. However, the security protection is still considerably lesser compared to a high-rise home.

6. Is having amenities at home for your leisure, sport and recreation important to you?

Living in a high-rise condominium with facilities, you enjoy the privilege of having easy access to shared facilities like gyms, swimming pools and leisure spaces just mere steps away from your doorstep.

You will not find such facilities in most landed homes. However, some landed homes do come with neighbourhood parks, playgrounds and outdoor gym facilities, where you can still find space for your workouts and recreational fun. In some gated and guarded communities, you get to enjoy facilities similar to those offered in high-rise residences in a clubhouse within the enclave.

7. Are extensive renovations on your new home part of the plan?

Bear in mind that in high-rise homes, the extent of how much you can renovate your home is limited and subject to the development’s rules and restrictions, as well as approval by the management. Limitations in space also do not leave much room for any changes or extensions to the home.

For landed homes, however, you are free to renovate the home to your liking. But do bear in mind, for major renovations, you may still need to obtain a permit from your area’s Majlis Perbandaran (City Council).

So…Which is the Best Home for Me?

There is no right answer to this one, as personal priorities, needs and preferences vary for every individual/ family.

Ultimately, it all also boils down to what you can and cannot compromise on when it comes to your desired home, and this is especially true when it comes to location and your budget.

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