6 Home Designing Mistakes You Should Avoid

By: Jency
13th Apr 2022
Home Improvement

Styling your home is indeed an exciting journey, especially when you get to showcase your personality through the décor. But there are some design mistakes that will easily turn your styling effort into an interior design mishap.

Check out the following home design mistakes that you should write-off from your list before starting your project.

  1. Not Placing Enough Importance On Lighting

    Either during a complete renovation or a simple home upgrade, most people make the mistake of overlooking the aspect of lighting. The right type of lighting does create a difference in the final look of your space. Overhead lights that are too bright can make you feel like you are in an office or a lecture hall, instead of giving you a cosy ambience.

    A simple trick to overcome this problem is to layer your lighting. Rather than relying entirely on ceiling lights to do the job, use light sources at varying levels of height, such as a standing lamp, a table lamp, pendant lights or even spotlights to brighten the space. Also, don’t forget that white lights often make an entire room look cold and uninviting, so do consider warm lighting in areas such as the living room and bedroom for a softer ambience.

  2. Not Measuring Furniture Against The Room

    How many times have you walked into a living room only to feel overwhelmed by the super-sized TV or sofa that stuck out like a sore thumb in a small space? When going furniture or appliance shopping, many people get wowed by the ginormous size of things that they see at the showrooms, completely forgetting the fact that those fittings may not necessarily look good in their own living space. The same applies to furnishings that are too small for a big area, especially when you are going for a minimalistic look. Keep in mind that the minimalistic concept requires clutter-free styling without compromising on sizes.

    Always measure the furniture or appliance that you are planning to buy against your room to avoid overcrowding or undermining the entire space. Remember, buyer’s remorse is a real thing and it can be a costly one, so always plan ahead before buying.

  3. Doing Trends That You Don’t Like

    Do you really like the wainscoting on your wall or do you feel like it’s too fancy for your simplistic self and cringe every time you walk past it? When designing your home, be wary of following trends that may not be your cup of tea. Just because everyone else is doing it, that doesn’t mean the trend will also sit well in your own home décor. Follow your intuition when decorating your home so that you feel happy and comfortable with whatever upgrades you have done.

  4. Choosing The Paint Colour First

    Before you set out on a colour-choosing spree, think about whether or not the hue that you are choosing will suit your existing furniture, textiles and art pieces. Most people make the mistake of determining the colour of the wall paint first, and when the painting work is done, they’ll start thinking about finding furnishings that will match the wall. Unless you are planning on a complete revamp that includes changing furniture, rugs and other decorative items, it is best (and cheaper) to match your paint colour to these items instead of the other way around.

  5. Everything Is Of The Same Colour Or Design

    Yes, we all have a favourite colour and we’d love to incorporate it into our home styling, but don’t let your loyalty to bright blue make your entire home look like it’s floating in the skies! It’s easy to get carried away with decorating your space using items that are of your favourite colour, but too much of it will make your room look overwhelming and cluttered. The same goes to conceptual designs such as cottage and rustic – an ‘English Rose’ theme could easily turn into a floral overkill if you choose your wallpaper, curtains, rugs and decorative items of the same design.

    Instead, layer your favourite colour or design against neutrals. For example, purple pillowcases on a fully beige sofa, or a purple art piece against white walls. It will work much better in bringing out the depth of the colour or design without an overbearing appearance.

  6. Exposed Wires

    Trust us, exposed wires that run from power sockets to appliances do not do justice to your interiors. These wires give out a cluttered look and even the most well-thought design scheme could easily be ruined by them.

    To fix this problem, you can either get an electrician to hack your walls to hide those wires entirely from view, or you can also run them through electrical casings. Be sure to paint the casings with the same colour as your wall for better concealment.

So There You Have It!

Decorating your home interiors is something fun that your whole family can get involved in, and what’s better is that you get to keep evolving the styles according to different seasons and whims. Try to avoid some of the design faux pas that we mentioned above and your home may just look like there was a professional designer behind the styling!

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